Subject-Matter Expertise

Mada invests in providing subject-matter expertise to innovators and developers to ensure that their solutions meet international quality standards and is appropriate for use within the local social and cultural context. This is achieved by collaborating with strategic partners to establish a sustainable private market sector by offering its subject matter expertise within the field of ICT AT and Accessibility.

MADA provides subject matter expertise as part of the MADA Innovation Program to potential innovators, developers and established entities with relevant product/service concept to cater towards the local and Arab market. Mada envisions to support innovations by working with the best entrepreneurs in the field and offering them with subject matter expertise and/or suitable funding for making their solution a marketable reality impacting the PWD end users. Subject matter expertise is offered through various activities such as:

  • Focus groups
  • End Users Testing Feedback
  • Technical Product Review
  • AT & Accessibility Experts Feedback

To learn further about supported solutions by Mada kindly visit the Supported Solutions page.