lazarilloLazarillo is an Autonomous guidance Application for smart devices primarily used by people with visual impairment. Through voice messages it allows user to know the current location and nearby services provided, giving the right information regarding bus stations, cafes, banks, restaurants, street intersections, etc.

It allows the user to search for different destinations and get directions on how to get to the places user wish to go via various types of transportation. Lazarillo links people to the place they live, helping them improve their autonomy and independence. Lazarillo works all over the world since it uses the central international databases to feed its maps.

Lazrillo is using information generated along with collaborators, institutions and companies that want to make their spaces more accessible. Lazarillo is the information platform for people with visual disabilities, connecting users to different institutions and organizations.

Key Features:

  • Custom Exploration
  • Specific searches
  • Search by categories
  • Routing or guiding from one point to another

lazarillo app
Mada-Seedstars ICT Accessibility Awards


Mada partners with Seedstars to promote the ICT Accessibility Solutions with the ultimate goal of supporting Accessibility startups in Qatar and beyond to benefit and improve the lives of PWD. Seedstars and Mada share a shared vision to support innovation by working with the best startups in the field and offering them with suitable funding and subject matter expertise.

On Friday 3rd April 2020, Seedstars World organized the Seedstars Global Summit 2020, which was a virtual 2 hours long event. During the event, they announced the Mada ICT Accessibility Awards 2019 winners. The competition was between two finalists, and the prize was awarded to both Talov and Lazarillo.

The Lazarillo App is available on the below link:

App Store link

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GoogleStore link

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