Mada Innovation Youth Club

Innovation Youth Club
Mada Innovation Youth Club

Mada Innovation Club is for youth and juniors with a goal to support and promote innovation and empower young innovators in Qatar to develop Assistive Technology and ICT Digital Accessibility solutions to improve the quality of life of PFLs.
Mada works continuously with young innovators providing mentorship and facilitating the presentation of ideas and solutions at conferences.

At Mada Innovation Youth Club, we:

  • Provide a forum to generate and develop ideas.
  • Enable members to forge connections and develop peer support structures.
  • Provide subject matter expertise and mentoring.
  • Help evaluate the usefulness of ideas/projects and the potential impact on people with disabilities and elderly.
  • Foster self-development and improvement through group discussions, presentation of ideas and creativity in work.
  • Highlight the positive impact of innovations on the lives of People with Functional Limitations.

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